Global citizenship education in china

Debates in the History of Education This module offers participants the opportunity to re-think education and learning from a historical perspective and engages with enduring debates in education policy and practice. International perspectives on education, social change and inequality over the past two centuries are addressed.

Global citizenship education in china

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Citizenship and Citizenship Education in a Global Age: Politics, Policies, and Practices Global citizenship education in china China. Peter Lang Publishing, This book, as Wing-Wah Law explains p.

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The organization of the book makes it easy for the reader to follow the text chronologically and thematically. The historical analysis and case studies in the book speak to three broad themes where Law believes it has a unique contribution to make: Law spells out these themes at considerable length in the introductory chapter in tandem with a concise literature review.

He proceeds to propose a multileveled multidimensional model that consists of four dimensions: Each dimension in [End Page ] this model can intersect with all the others and cover numerous human activities, ranging from civics to economic, political, social, cultural, and environmental areas.

The preferences, choices, and identifications of citizens depend on their needs and capacities for involvement on global, national, local, and personal-social levels. On the subject of globalization, Law concurs with theorists who no longer take the nation-state to be the exclusive source of legitimacy for political activity.

He identifies three models of global citizenship education. The first is geared toward preparing young people for life and work under globalized conditions. The second is characterized by multiculturalism or cosmopolitanism in that it is intended to enable the young to adapt to increasingly diverse communities and an increasingly interdependent world.

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The third is a multidimensional framework that encompasses personal, social, spatial, and temporal dimensions. His own multileveled multidimensional model combines the second and third.

Global citizenship education in china

When exploring the local dimension of this model, Law highlights, in particular, the new roles and functions of the city in global competition and nation-building and in fostering local identities and promoting national citizenship. In chapter 6, he analyzes in detail the dynamic and complex formation of multileveled identities and the effects of nation building and globalization on various domains of citizenship among school students in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Much depends on the contents and emphases in the educational curricula for multileveled citizenship in response to the demands for education and the contexts of citizenship and civic education. This conclusion is hard to dispute.

The analysis of citizenship and citizenship education in Shanghai and Hong Kong is followed by a case study of international events, which are city-based and, therefore, closely related to the former. The latter centers on two questions that Law believes have not been answered satisfactorily in the literature on the subject.

One is how and why the Chinese state used the events for political socialization and as large-scale projects of multileveled-multidimensional citizenship education.Global citizenship education is becoming an important component in citizenship education in many countries.

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While global education or world studies has been advocated and practiced in schools and colleges across the world since the s, global citizenship education is a relatively new Asia Education Foundation (AEF) supports educators and school communities to develop Asia capable young Australians.

· Global citizenship education is at the forefront of efforts to transform education to provide students with a holistic and well-rounded education that gives them the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to succeed in a global 21st This book, as Wing-Wah Law explains (p.

24), is organized as a broad survey of citizenship, citizenship education, and social change in The Global Citizenship Education Alliance has created a new tool to guide school leaders and teachers.

Read the report: Cultivating Global Citizens To meet the opportunities and challenges of today’s interdependent world, it’s more important than ever to cultivate global citizenship in /global-citizenship-education.

· Educators in China are modelling a module on the new social justice strand of UCL’s two-week Global Citizenship Programme. Active Citizenship was introduced in as a new strand of the UCL Global Citizenship Programme, the annual free two-week programme for current undergraduate and master’s

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