Essay on gas prices 2011

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Essay on gas prices 2011

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Life is good, the future is bright, and a fresh semester is under way. As we enter into this new year though, I find myself confounded by a recent phenomenon — Falling gas prices.

From passing conversation to national news, cheap gas seems to be making headlines everywhere. And while falling prices might mean good news for the average consumer, the ensuing consequences of cheap oil weigh heavily upon my thoughts.

At a time when we can literally observe our global impact and in a country where the only decent economy is a growing economy, our continued dependence on fossil fuels seems quite the foolish pursuit. According to NASA, global atmospheric CO2 concentrations have risen from ppm in pre-industrial times to ppm today 1.

As a result, we are witnessing a global transition into an alternate state. One where sea level is high, Essay on gas prices 2011 unforgiving, and life impaired. Why then are oil prices dropping? Furthermore, how long can they continue to do so?

In my investigation, I discovered the reasons for falling gas prices. I explored the future of oil and studied the projections of several leading environmental organizations.

What the science tells is both old news and new, but the realities we face are immediate and undeniable. What then, are the reasons for falling gas prices?

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As it turns out, there are quite a few. From wavy investment patterns to geopolitical affairs, and even extreme weather events, the price of oil is constantly being appraised. And as we further our understanding of anthropogenic climate change, the price of oil will eventually be influenced by climatic conditions as well.

The price determinants of oil are therefore wide-ranging and in constant motion.

Essay on gas prices 2011

To simplify though, the many factors at play can be roughly categorized into three groups: From each of these groups, I have identified what I believe to be the primary causes for current oil prices.

Firstly, oil exploration and production is entirely dependent upon investments. Investments are put forth on the basis of expectation and with the purpose of generating profit. If prices are high and predictions are positive then investors invest. That wave of incoming capital results in improved infrastructure and increased production.

Too much investment though can result in overproduction and an eventual drop in prices. Overshoot is commonplace in economics and an oversupply of oil can occur if investors are overambitious. In order to offset overshoot, investors will typically reduce their capital inputs into oil production.

Based on these trends, we can at least partially attribute falling gas prices to economic overshoot. In addition to economic influence, oil supply is also subject to political and social conditions. While more and more oil is being produced, fewer countries are producing that oil.

Therefore, political turmoil of any sort can have an enormous impact on oil supply. Concurrently, the transition to more efficient energy production is lowering per capita demand for oil, especially in developed countries.Diesel vs Gas Essay; Diesel vs Gas Essay.

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Words Mar 31st, 3 Pages. Some of the more obvious differences are the prices for fuel.

Essay on gas prices 2011

As of now, March , the price for diesel is significantly higher than gas. Gas is approaching the range of $ per gallon to $ per gallon (depending on what part of the country you’re in, it. Gas prices soon followed, rising to $ a gallon by February These rose again in August because oil prices hit a month high that summer.

That spike was created by political unrest in Egypt. However, most energy firms take advantage of high oil prices, these firms make more profits than usual due to the rose demand for substitute energy sources like natural gas and ethanol.

was great year for many energy firms, future prices increased sharply, reached a peak at on July 3rd Today, gas prices as a national average have risen to dollars per gallon.

This is the highest gas price increase since , during operation desert storm. What .

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