Custom paper labels

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Custom paper labels

Custom paper labels uncoated do not have any laminate or coating on them, which means they are not reflective or high-shine and makes these best for applications that will require finishing touches handwritten details to personalize each label.

Printing uncoated paper labels, for example, with your brand logo and name, is perfect if you are dispensing products in batches and need to have time-sensitive information written by hand on each paper label.

Print more labels for a nice price break, and enjoy paper label longevity by simply doing away with information that gives away the year or date of your product batch.

An important note that uncoated paper labels do not have any protective coating on them, and this lends to a quicker life span in terms of ink rubbing off and labels getting damaged with moisture.

Remember to store your uncoated paper labels in a dry place, not exposed to sunlight, as these labels fade more quickly because they are not reinforced by coating or laminate.

Laminated paper labels coated are stunning self-adhesive labels made more durable with gloss, matte, or holographic gloss laminate.

While writing on laminate is a bit more difficult compared to uncoated paper labels, they allow for a range of label applications that can help you make your products look more professional, more attractive, and markedly custom.

If you would like more versatile labels, you would then go for the matte laminate so that you are able to write on them with fine ballpoint pens and markers.

Printing labels with images, promotional messaging, or needing a vibrant multicolored logo label? Gloss would be better—its smooth and highly reflective properties will definitely make colors more vibrant! Gloss laminated paper labels are most popular as they are more scratch-resistant and feature full-color prints nicely.

custom paper labels

Product labels will look more professional and commercial with a fine coat of gloss. You can also upgrade your uncoated paper labels and print them with matte laminate, especially if your product requires frequent handling.

Unlike uncoated paper labels, you get the same finish with matte, but with better wear-and-tear. As matte is less reflective than gloss, the same color values will NOT look the same on your labels after lamination.

Printed colors will look brighter and more vivid with gloss, while with matte you get darker and duller colors—even when both use the same set of color values. PDF files so that our Prepress Team can properly check and report any issues to you. We can certainly work with. Proofread everything for typos and grammatical errors.

To keep the integrity of your files, we do not check text. Add a 3mm bleed to all sides. All raster images recommended dpi Minimum line thickness. Please double check artwork dimensions before sending to save on proofing time.Membrane switch, Custom packaging boxes, Labels Ixqprint is an integrated printing company who specializes in designing, printing, manufacturing and processing printed matter.

We have been focusing on the development and innovation of printing technology since Roll labels are the perfect way to get a large quantity of custom labels to add the finishing touch to corporate or personal merchandise.

Available in a wide variety of materials, our roll labels can be customized with any shape or color, so your logo always looks the way you want and can be stuck anywhere you want/5(37). Flexographic or Digital custom labels on a roll, with several different materials to choose from.

All labels are delivered on the industry standard of 3 inch cores, for either hand or machine application. These beautiful labels can be coated with a UV treatment or laminated with either a glossy or matte lamination. Labels Add distinction to your packaging.

Available in a variety of paper stocks, ink colors and die-cut shapes. We offer custom stickers printing in small quantities.

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If you need relatively small quantities of customized stickers, you have multiple sticker designs, or you just want to manage your expense while receiving the best quality possible, digital custom stickers printing is the answer.

Labels from Zazzle. You’re getting ready to send out a bunch of letters, mailers, or custom invitations and you don’t want to spend the time (and energy) writing out the return address on each and every one of them.

custom paper labels

What do you do? You get yourself some labels from Zazzle, of course!

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