Critical essay twelfth night

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Critical essay twelfth night

Indeed, Shakespeare may have written the play earlier and revised it for the Christmas festival, for it contains many signs of revision. The tone of Twelfth Night is consistently appropriate to high merriment. With nine comedies behind him when he wrote it, Shakespeare was at the height of his comic powers and in an exalted mood to which he never returned.

Twelfth Night recombines many elements and devices from earlier plays—particularly The Two Gentlemen of Verona c. However, the sadnesses are, for the most part, those mannered sadnesses that the Elizabethans savored. Orsino, for example, particularly revels in a sweet melancholy reminiscent of that which afflicts Antonio at the beginning of The Merchant of Venice pr.

Orsino revels in the longings of love and in the bittersweet satiety of his romantic self-indulgence.

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He is in love with love. On the other side of the city is the household of Olivia, which balances Orsino and his establishment. The point of contact between Orsino and Olivia—ferrying back and forth between the two—is Viola. As Cesario, she also is sad, but her sadness, like the rest of her behavior, is more direct and human.

She seems destined to unite the two melancholy dreamers, but what the play instead accomplishes is that Viola, in her own person and in that of her alter ego, her brother, becomes part of both households. The ultimate outcome is a glorious resolution.

It is, of course, immaterial to the dreamy Orsino that he gets Viola instead of Olivia—the romantic emotion is more important to him than is the specific person. Olivia, already drawn out of her seclusion by the disguised Viola, gets what is even better for her, Sebastian. Moreover, the drama is suffused with bittersweet music, and the idyllic setting in Illyria blends with language and imagery to create a most delightful atmosphere wholly appropriate to the celebration of love and to the enjoyment of this world.

He is called a Puritan, but although he is not a type, he does betray the characteristics then associated with that austere Anglican sect.

Critical essay twelfth night

He is a self-important, serious-minded person with high ideals who cannot bear the thought of others being happy.

Yet, Shakespeare does not indulge in a satire on Puritanism. He uses the critical powers of comedy in indirect ways. Malvolio is ridiculous, but so are the cavaliers who surround him. While these characters are flawed, they are certainly more engaging than the inflated Malvolio.

Shakespeare does not set up the contrast as a political allegory, with right on one side and wrong on the other. Nevertheless, Malvolio is an intrusion into the otherwise idyllic world of the play.

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He cannot love; his desire for the hand of Olivia is grounded in an earnest will to get ahead. He cannot celebrate; he is too pious and self-involved. Nothing is left for him but to be the butt of a joke—his role in the celebration.

Some critics have suggested that Malvolio is treated too harshly, but a Renaissance audience would have understood how ludicrous and indecorous it was for a man of his class to think, even for a moment, of courting Countess Olivia. His pompous and blustery language is the key to how alien he is to this festive context.

When he does his bit, Olivia casually mentions that perhaps he is put upon, but this is the only sympathetic gesture he deserves. He is the force that threatens to destroy the celebration of all that is good and refined and joyful in Elizabethan society.

Twelfth Night develops its theme on two levels. The main plot, written mostly in blank verse, shows the nobility in pursuit of love. The subplot features lower characters, who speak in prose and pursue drunkenness and mischief.Canadian defining moments essay june global regents essay a perfect critical lens essay literary descriptive essay about the zoo the frog prince brothers grimm analysis essay l anneau unique jdr critique essay panembahan reso analysis essay card note paper research write respecting your parents Twelfth night act one scene 5 analysis essay.

This is an example of an essay completed in timed conditions (35 minutes) for OCR A Level English Literature Paper 1: Twelfth Night unseen.

It’s based on an unseen extract from Act 4, . William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a comedy, first published in Love is a key aspect of Shakespeare’s comedies in which self-identity is found through the development of love from infatuation to acknowledgement of character.

Essays on man is the research papers, articles and shakespearian comedy and papers. 2 the essays gives you added a theme in a twelfth night critical essays to essay; 4 works cited: james schiffer, essay writing essays.

Start studying Critical Critics (Twelfth Night). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. the one who argued that basically everyone is Twelfth Night is bisexual, especially Olivia, Antonio and Sebastian ("bisexual experiences are not the exception but the rule") the one who wrote the essay on.

An essay by UC Berkley professor Stephen Booth exploring the use and virtue of nonsense within Twelfth Night, arguing that the first scene of the play is a deliberate exercise in stealthy deception, tricking the audience to thinkthe scene is linguistically coherent when in fact the scene is not.

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